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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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this was an emotional final day at the alameda county fair. that's because people took time to honor a jockey who was killed there last week. nbc bay area's jean is in pleasanton with more on how they chose to remember him today. >> reporter: diane, the last horse race of the county fair is about to begin. it has been an emotional day here at the track. earlier today, this morning dozens of people from the horse racing community and the fair gathered to remember jorge herera. he died thursday after being thrown off his horse during a race. he died from a head injury. the accident shocked the tight-knit racing community,
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reminding everyone how dangerous horse racing can be. herrera is remembered as a man as his word, someone who showed up for people who needed him. >> a lot of people tell you they're going to be there. but this young man was always there. he was a man of his word. he was dedicated to his craft. and it's a very tragic loss. >> reporter: the fair dedicated a race to herrera here on the last day of racing. flags are at half staff in his honor. and the ambulance following the horses as they fly around the track seemed more important than ever. the alameda county fair is offering grief counseling to anyone who needs it. reporting live in pleasanton, jean ellie, nbc bay area news. jean, thank you. the alameda county fair is offering that grief counseling. the chp is searching for the driver of a white pickup truck that caused a crash that left one person dead and another in critical condition tonight. the accident happened just before 1:00 this morning on
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southbound 101. police say the pickup truck was possibly broken down, and left unattended in the far left lane of the highway. it caused at least four cars to crash. the driver of the truck was nowhere to be found. a 29-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene, another was taken to the hospital with major head trauma. the trash closed all southbound lanes of 101 for about four hours. right now we want to check in with rob mayeda. >> you'll see the numbers going into the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. right now outside it's not too bad. inland low to mid-80s at this hour. it has been a cool finish to the weekend. lots of fog and low clouds. what's going to happen, though, is high pressure is going to build. it will take all that ocean air conditioning and basically shut it down, so as you go through the week you'll see numbers increasing between now and wednesday.
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it's very likely places like livermore will get close to 100 degrees. and unlike the heat spells that last a day or so and go away, this one will stick around for a little while. we have your full forecast in just a few minutes from now. >> thanks, rob. this week cal train will test a new system that could make your commute a little more predictable. it's called the realtime information system. the first round of testing is supposed to start tomorrow. they'll use audio and visual messages at the train station telling the riders arrival and departure time. eventually it will be available on caltrain's website and by free e-mail and text messages as well. it's expected to be in place by the end of the year. on this sunday, millions of people gathered in churches across the country to worship, but at one catholic church in san jose, the music wasn't the same this sunday. that's because someone stole
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thousands of dollars worth of instruments from the church over the past week. kimberly tere is at our lady of guadalupe church with a look at how they still made music despite the loss today. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, this church spent years building up their supply of musical instruments. they paid for them through money raised in fund-raisers. and all of it was taken in a matter of days. thieves raided the music storage room on may 28th, taking an estimated $16,000 worth of gear on that date. then on july 3rd after they changed the locks, burglars struck again. one day later everything else inside the room was taken, even some old broken instruments. this is a huge loss for the church which have several masses that play every weekend. >> it brings attention to the issues that are happening. we're just using our human voices. they can't take away our
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instruments. they can steal our instruments but not steal our voice. >> reporter: the parish is asking the congregation and the community to help replace the instruments which were accumulated over time. the church is hosting a mariachi concert this thursday at 7:00 p.m. all money made from donations on that night will go towards purchasing new usable instruments for the church. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. an oakland firefighter was hospitalized today after battling a fire in the downtown area. the firefighter suffered minor burns while fighting the flames at the abandoned building. neighbors say it's not the first time they smelled smoke coming from the three-story building. several fires have been reported in recent weeks there. it only took about a half hour, but firefighters say it could have been a whole lot worse. >> in the back we have heavy
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timbers. we got on it aggressively. i called second alarm right away. but the first-alarm companies went in and did the job very well. >> fire officials say it did not seem like squatters had been inside the building. the cause is still under investigation. you just have a few more hours to check your computer for a virus. the fbi is warning if you don't check it and fix it, the virus could shut down your computer's access to the internet. so when will it happen you ask? we're told at 9:01 tonight. business and tech reporter scott budman has a step-by-step guide to protect your computer. >> reporter: that's gary davis of mcafee, showing how with a few clicks of your mouse, you can find out if your computer is infected, and if so, how to clear things up. step one, go to >> you click on that link, it will automatically scan your machine.
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if you're not infected, it gives you a big green check mark and you're good to go. if you are infected, it has a simple process. click on the link, install the file, and this runs automatically and it cleans your machine, and you're good to go. >> reporter: this all came about when a group of hackers infected computers with a piece of malware, malicious software. the fbi discovered the hack and set up servers to protect the infected computers. all those servers get taken down, the infected computers will start to show up unless you fix things first. all computers are vulnerable. >> does it matter if i have a mac or pc? >> it can run on either system. make sure if you have a mac, to go ahead and check for it. >> reporter: they're getting requests from concerned computer users all over the world. best advice, check early to avoid a manic monday. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> just a reminder and
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clarification, you have until 9:00 tonight to check your computer. in addition to going to the mcafee website and clicking on the for home dropdown menu, you can go to a website made up by the fbi right there on your screen. once you go to that website it will automatically evaluate your computer and let you know if the computer is clear or infected and then what to do next. www.dns- we take a look back at the life of actor ernest borgnine. relief is on the way for people in the eastern half of the country after days of suffering in serious heat. and he vanished, but the tv executive's family and friends are determined to find him. we'll show you what prompted them to launch another major search today.
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family and friends of missing 20th century fox executive gavin smith spent today passing out fliers in the los angeles area, as part of their effort to find the 57-year-old man. and now detectives say they have new information in this case.
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michelle from los angeles has the latest. >> reporter: that's how long gavin smith has been reported missing. but his wife, sister and children are still searching. a small tip from the detectives on the case brought them here to selmar this morning. >> they can't tell us exactly everything. everyone knows there was a ping here. >> reporter: meaning the last signal from smith's cell phone came from right here in selmar. this family of the missing fox executive distribute fliers at stores, intersections, talking to curious neighbors in the community, hoping for new information. >> i haven't heard about this. >> wow. >> he's been missing since may. >> reporte >> the detectives would like us to focus on the car. it's so evident in the investigation. >> reporter: the 57-year-old former ucla basketball player left a friend's home in oak park
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between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. on may 1st in his black 2000 mercedes. they highlight that information, along with a $20,000 reward. the family desperately hopes someone in selmar knows something. >> my husband would never abandon his children or me. i don't understand it. i don't have an answer. i don't know what happened. >> again, that was michelle vias reporting. at 5:00, hollywood is mourning the death of an oscar winner tonight. do you recognize the longtime hollywood star? oh, yes. and take a look at this. can you tell what's lurking in the water behind that kayaker? yikes! from that view, to one that might be a little more pleasant right now, in terms of our temperatures, we're comfortable outside. but look at pleasanton tomorrow, we're back in the 90s. that may seem fairly cool
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compared to where our weather is going toward the middle part of the week. ♪
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a veteran character actor who won an oscar back in 1955, an kept his career going up until a few weeks ago, has died. his face is instantly recognizable, isn't it? his name, ernest borgnine. he was 95, and he died in los angeles with his family by his side. he played many roles throughout his career, but perhaps best known as the star of mchale's navy that ran from 1962 to '66
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and a whole lot of reruns also. his oscar came for best actor in the film "marty." recently he was the voice of the mermaid mad on spongebob squarepants and had guest appearances on e.r. and "saturday night live." the intense heat wave is finally starting to ease up a bit in some areas. after nearly two weeks of record highs that emptied playgrounds, children were back to playing ball in jersey city today. and in new york city, a day after a severe heat warning was ird, people actually gathered for a triathlon in the cooler temperatures. but the nation's capital is still hot, as well as parts of the midwest, the carolinas and virginia. now a new threat. thunderstorms on the heels of the cooler weather. the good news is those storms will also bring rain which many farmers are counting on to try to save their krobs. rob, i talked to my brother in washington, d.c., who said thunderstorms hit this afternoon. then the public pool shut down because of the lightning. it keeps going around.
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>> it's danger to be in water with lightning nearby. so that's good they did that evacuation with the thunderstorms rolling on in. they've not only had the triple-digit temperatures, but increased humidity as well. you combine the air temperature and humidity, it's been awful on the east coast. opposite of what we're seeing in the bay area. right now, that is a very healthy looking sea breeze. look at all those low clouds. with those low clouds, and the marine layer getting squished down a little bit, don't be surprised to run into mist or drizzle, especially in san francisco or out on the coast as we head towards tomorrow morning. temperatures, thanks to the sea breeze a little cooler than expected. we dropped down to 84 in south san jose, with steve giving us that number there. notice inland out towards fairfield and concord, still near 90 degrees today. that was the island of warm temperatures. because you can see how the sea breeze fanned out.
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60s and 70s around the bay area. pretty comfortable right now. but it is a little windy right now. breezes up to 25 miles an hour through the delta, through about 9:00 tonight. heading into tomorrow, a little bit of warming for monday. but the big warm-up is going to arrive tuesday, wednesday and thursday. air quality, also take a little bit of a hit here, too, as the high pressure starts to compress down the marine layer, acts like a lid over the bay area. we'll see if we get any spare the air advisories toward the middle part of the week. we got a little sun in santa cruz. this is going to start to change, those low clouds will get pushed mainly off to the coast and we're going to see inland temperatures climbing, as high pressure both in the eastern pacific and in the intermountain west. build back into california. this is going to lead to the warm-up we'll see toward the middle part of the week. concord, fairfield, areas south of hsan jose, antioch, fairfiel
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and concord and pittsburgh likely to see 100-degree temperatures possibly by wednesday. for now, it's pretty comfortable. one of the cooler days of the week is tomorrow. you've got the low clouds coming in for the morning. back to the coast for the afternoon, a little more sunshine on the marin coastline tomorrow. as we head through the evening, we'll see a sea breeze, but not as strong as we've got going outside right now. for the morning you'll see low clouds, a little misty skies around the bay area for your monday morning. 40s and 50s outside. during the day tomorrow, a little bit warmer. 80s to low 90s around the south bay. in the tri valley, upper 80s to low 90s. san francisco still the 60s. even the peninsula and inner east bay you'll see numbers coming up tuesday into wednesday, we've highlighted those three days for you. inland valleys climb into the mid-90s to near 100 degrees. but we should not see that coupled with high humidity.
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or thunderstorms. but still, it's going to be a little shock to the system once those numbers get closer to 100 by the middle part of the week. >> thanks for the warning. now we know. still to come, a story that can be summed up in one word -- scary, creepy, okay, i need more than one word. take a look at what's following this kayaker in florida. we'll have that story coming up.
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have you ever dreamed about your own private island with views of san francisco in well, now is your chance. and it's discounted to just about $5 million-ish. red rock island is a six-acre massive rock in the northern part of san francisco bay. the island was on the market earlier this year for $22 million. so $5 million was a pretty big discount. it's only accessible by boat or helicopter and this are no buildings on the island. in addition to the privacy, as you can see, you get secluded beaches, pretty good fishing probably, and they claim that it's out of the fog bank. yesterday we told you about that shark attack near capitalo which left a shark tooth lodged in a kayak. but the man in the kayak was not harmed. take a look at this picture. a man on the east coast nearly had the same experience. this picture was taken near cape cod. they've seen a spike in great white sightings this summer. the beach was back open despite the fact it was closed. look at all those -- whoa!
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they closed it a little while ago on tuesday because of several shark sightings. let's bring in dave for a look at sports now. hello, dave. >> reporter: hello. you know, speaking of sharks, we have news from the sharks today. we'll get to that in sports. also the painful first half comes to an end for tim li lincecum. and help for todd mcclellan. we'll tell you who the hall of famer will have helping him next season.
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i'm at the xfinity sports desk. the giants were sky high at this time last sunday, after an impressive home stand. the same cannot be said tonight. finishing up their east coast swing in pittsburgh against the pirat pirates, tim lincecum got off to a bad start.
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andrew mccutchen with a runner aboard. this is a bomb. and it ain't coming back. pirates take an early 2-0 lead. but they were just getting started on the scoreboard. 2-0 still, bottom of the third. neil walker, he has liftoff. the solo shot. makes it a 3-0 lead for the pirates. bottom of the fourth, still 3-0. pirates have something working. you know it's a bad day when the opposing pitcher comes up with the base knock up the middle. pirates take a 4-0 lead. timmy's day is done. burnett not only doing it at the plate, he was also doing it on the mound. gets ryan with five strikeouts on the day. pirates cruise to a win. lincecum not happy with himself. >> you know, it's been terrible. and it's a terrible feeling like
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you're letting your team down. that's the hardest thing. seems like everybody else seems to be doing their job and playing good ball. when you're the weaker link, you kind of look at that, and you need to work on it. you try your hardest to work out of it. that's what i've been doing, working hard, four days between starts, putting in the man-hours there, which also makes it a little tougher to swallow. obviously they have faith in me. they told me that from the first meeting i had with them. so that's not the question. it's whether or not can i go out there and trust myself and execute it. all that stuff is off the field, and after the game and before the game. but when you get out there in between the lines, you can't think about that. we're pretty good as far as the starting pitch staff goes. i don't want to be that weak link that everybody thinks you're going to run into a stump, or a bump here. i guess i'm working my [ bleep ] off to get back to where i need
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to be. and that's really all i can do. >> reporter: frustrating, no doubt about it. larry robinson has been hired as associate coach for the sharks. he served as a head coach with los angeles and new jersey. he spent the last three seasons as an assistant with the devils. let's take you across the pond. men's final at wimbledon. roger federer taking on andy murray, the first brit to reach the finals since 1938. first set, murray on the attack. goes right by federer's head. look at the replay. woo! the rains come down. they have to close the roof for the first time in finals history, after a 40-minute delay, play continues. the court still wet, though. andy murray finds out the hard way as he takes a fall. in the fourth, federer serving
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for the match. and murray, on the return, right there, sends it long. and that's all she wrote. federer wins 4-6, 7-5, 6-4, to win his seventh wimbledon title. that ties pete sampras all-time. on the third play-off hole, potter puts it to within just a few feet of the pin. that is nice. and kelly trying to keep pace. he would need to make this long birdie putt. but it goes wide left. potter able to tap in. and he indeed gets the win at the greenbrier classic, and gains eligibility for next year's masters. the a's win 2-1 in 13 innings today to finish the first half of the season at an even 543 and 43 at the all-star break. exciting half for the a's over the east bay. >> thanks a lot, dave. and thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00.
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we've got "30 rock" coming up. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. until then, good night.


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